6 Gems to Promote and Protect Fertility

Keep sex fun.  Stress and sex should not be in the same sentence. The positive and stress reducing effect of intimacy is good for more than your reproductive health.

Find out what works best for you nutritionally and stick to it.  The intestines and the uterus are literally neighbors and they share a very similar bio cellular make up, which means that sometimes they receive each other’s messages.  Clearing inflammation and balancing ph, through diet, ensures that hormones and hormonal receptors make the correct connection.


Get your full hormonal panel (day 2 and 21 of cycle) done in your 30’s, even if you are not trying to have children yet.  It will show your baseline average of estrogen and progesterone levels for your age.  This data will also be helpful to refer back to when you are peri menopausal.  

If your period is painful or menstrual bleeding clotty and dark, switch to pads instead of tampons.  Pads are less convenient but sometimes the smallest amount of blockage in the cervical canal (where tampons are inserted) can cause a backup of blood which can lead to blood stagnation and pain.

Go to bed early and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.  Everyone should do this to help support the body's natural circadian rhythm and smooth production of hormones.

Learn the position of your uterus.  A retroverted uterus sometimes require alternative sex positions to promote pregnancy.  Women are all very unique in their bodies and in the way each individual system works and runs best.  Find a doctor or midwife that you feel you can be completely open with and who listens to your individual concerns and experience.

Education, Self CareJulie Von