How to create a shield against negative energy that can effect your fertility (Part 1)

I will have my opinions.
You will have your opinions.
People will have their opinions.
But what does it matter?
The universe doesn't have opinions.

Opinions are often negotiations between ego, society and source. They shift and morph as the social reality contracts we agree to morph and change. They evolve according to our experiences and our suffering. While philosophies and thought structures are powerful interpretations of the universe, they run the risk of calcification. True thinking extends beyond personal opinion it becomes a practice of bracketing. Compassionate living acknowledges that people's actions are referential to the life they have lead and the life they desire to lead. 

The exercise is this. When someone expresses a strong opinion that may or may not be at odds with your current psycho/emotional state, fall back, bracket that opinion and try to understand their context. Do not take it personally. Do not take it as law or fact, no matter how much social authority they have. Observe the reaction it illicits within you and bracket that too. What resonates as applicable keep and perhaps "save the other for another day." Spiriutal liberation often begins with liberation from language. This is a valuable skill to take into the terrain of fertility medicine.



Julie Von