Moxa- How Can This Simple Practice Help Preserve Your Fertility?

The ancient use of the herb mugwort, in the practice commonly referred to as moxa, has been used for thousands of years.  Almost every good holistic reproductive doctor will use moxa but you can easily learn how to utilize this therapy at home.  It is cost effective and extremely good for the female body.  Moxa "cigars" are they are called are allot like incense sticks.  Ignite the moxa with a candle and after the end is red and well lite, you simply blow out the flame and allow the warmth of the fire to slowly activate the herb.  Mugwort is slow burning and it's therapeutic qualities are warming and blood building.  It is good for all things female!  I suggest to my clients the use of moxa at home and teach them how to use specific acupuncture points to benefit their fertility cycle.  My favorite acupuncture points to moxa are located just below the belly button, in the location of the lower abdomen.  After you have prepared your moxa (have a cup of water handy to put it out) place your palm just under your belly button and spread your fingers out wide.  Just in the space between the ring and middle finger, which makes the peace sign, begin to moxa.  Keep your fingers there and you will feel the heat.  If it becomes to hot, remove it and wait a few seconds and then return to the spot.   Careful not to get too close.  Do this for up to 15 minutes.  If you can have ventilation or a window open it will help with the somewhat sticky smoke.  Moxa is fairly easy to come by and you can order it online as well.  

Julie Von