Let Us Return To The Root

The etymology of radical is root. Radical fertility is a return to the source of reproduction.  Radical fertility reclaims what was has been appropriated away from the female narrative within the conception and pregnancy process.  It is taught as a practical guide because knowledge and information truly is power and when left to the system it defaults into capitalist monoliths that deny people's unique lives, sexuality and story.  Education or “re” education of what has been archived in our collective wisdom, combined with a comprehension of new reproductive technologies and new revolutionary declarations of self, gender identity and social relations is truly radical.   It cannot be denied that fertility is one of the most essential topics of our time, even without the reminder that at the core of reproduction is the heart of all humanity and earth’s future capability, through the children we create, nourish and release into the vastness of our planets story.  

The combination of environmental and technological change and deeply analytic developments in our social and cultural biome has brought fertility to a new and dynamic frontier and yet people are still disempowered, injured and ignored by medical systems.  Radical fertility fights for everyone's voice and story and takes up the cause of reproduction as an extension of vitality and health not symptom and illness.  When people are empowered to use and navigate the language of reproductive medicine, they no longer are victims of master/ slave dialectics.  They can break free to interpret the data in their own unique, autonomous, individualist way.  This is the most effective way to comprehend and become pregnant in the modern medical system.  Conception, pregnancy and birth can be a true writing of self and all the complexity in which we now live.   In this way, our children are the outcome of our fight to remain loyal to ourselves and they mirror each of our journeys in creating out of our minds, bodies and spirits.  Empowerment is crucial because without it the entire ship can sink.  And indeed for many it already is.  Radical fertility returns to the root that fertility is not a symptom that fertility is an expression of health and the desire to live and pass on life to others. 

The world is evolving and iron clad structures which have ruled for centuries that have failed to care wisely for the planet are presently coming face to face with the discourse that they have tried to suppress. Creating life, having children, no longer is an extension of a religious or political structure alone; it is no longer an unquestioned duty that goes without choice.   A person can now explore their life, sexuality, career, and passions before choosing to have children.

Most women pursuing pregnancy are currently given just two options: either conceive “naturally” with ease or seek the help of an infertility clinic. Those for whom getting pregnant may not be easy and straightforward but for whom a diagnosis of infertility is inappropriate (queer women, single women, transgendered men, those with irregular menstrual cycles or nuanced hormonal imbalances, etc.) are left either without help or are funneled into the world of infertility.  There is a third option: healthy fertility through a deep knowledge and understanding of our bodies, our options, and our lifestyles. 

Radical Fertility draws from the insights of alternative and traditional medicine, midwifery and acupuncture, it fully explains menstruation, ovulation, cyclical changes in the body, and the fertile window.  I work to demystify complex medicine by giving simple definitions of medical terms and concepts teaching you how to optimize reproductive health as well as recognize the signs of potential problems.