What Those Headaches You Get Really Mean -- And What You Can Do About It

By Roxanne Adamiyatt

Given my hunch, it seemed only reasonable to reach out to Dr. Julie Von, holistic doctor and all-round Girl Boss, to see if there was any credence to my thoughts. Turns out, my hunch was correct. Dr. Von explains, “ The problem of continuous treatment of a system, is that it doesn’t work. It doesn’t address the cause of the symptom.” However, this doesn’t mean that our symptoms are useless. In fact, just the opposite -- they give us opportunities to listen to our bodies for own self-care. In other words, “The beauty of a symptom is that it can lead you into an opportunity to rebalance. There are pathways and information out there that can allow you to explore the symptom,” says Dr. Von.

And there are pathways to find out why you are having headaches, for example. Dr. Von espouses the belief that everyone’s treatment should based on their own unique endocrine system -- basically, personalized health care. This all starts with your primary care professional, to balance your hormones holistically -- examine when your headaches are happening, what you’re eating, your cycle, and and the changes in your symptoms. Awareness in the change of symptoms throughout a month will help narrow how to remedy your ailment.

Other things you should be doing? Dr. Von explained that many women are subclinically anemic -- meaning, we don’t have enough iron or Vitamin B in our system. According to Dr. Von, at a minimum all women should take strides to take care of their blood. Think about it. We use a ton of blood for our muscles and brain. Throw inadequate nutrition into the mix, by choice or not, and we are draining ourselves of energy. This, Dr. Von explained, creates the perfect storm because any chronic deficiency will eventually manifest itself as a health problem.

Originally published in Martha Stewart: http://www.marthastewart.com/1512020/what-headaches-mean-what-you-can-do-about-it

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