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Foundations of Integrative Fertility Medicine in the Modern Clinic: An Online and Live Class with Dr Julie Von.

4 One Hour Live Lectures Followed By Half Hour Q&A Email to register $250

Limited enrollment- Learn the essentials to successfully treat high level and complex fertility patterns using Acupuncture, Herbs and Psycho/Spiritual counseling

Part 1

The 4 Phase Menstrual Cycle Theory and Diagnosis and Western Reproductive Endocrinology terminology and diagnosis

How to track and use the Basal Body Temperature to diagnose yin deficiency, yang deficiency, blood deficiency, kidney deficiency and liver qi Stagnation.  Techniques and tips on optimizing and predicting and promoting ovulation windows for everyone, including those using alternative fertility methods such as ICI and IUI.

How to precisely pin point issues of imbalance in the menstrual cycle. Topics covered include: Timing, Bleeding, Channels, Patient’s constitution and age, and pscho/spiritual issues. 

How to formulate targeted treatment plans based on the individual cycle using acupuncture and herbal medicine. Topics covered include: How to effectively time a treatment to enact the most change and which acupuncture points to use and when.

Psycho/spiritual support.  How to speak, support and listen to someone going through fertility treatment.  Ill teach you practical exercises that I use to help people navigate stress and sadness.  The importance of addressing the energetic is often over looked in fertility (even amongst holistic practitioners) but is key to successfully treating infertility.

Includes materials and Private Facebook group. Part 2, begins March 13, advanced herbal treatment, including how to modify formulas and the correct timing of herbal prescriptions.  Register for both and receive a 10% discount.

Email to register