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The Shen and Fertility: Using Tools of the Esoteric to Treat Infertility

The Nei Jing states, "When the heart has a song that cannot be sung, that must be a sad song." The heart, the empress organ, is deeply involved in the treatment of infertility. Beyond it's involvement in governing blood, it houses the shen and protects the spirit. Addressing the shen is the key to successfully treating infertility and supporting people through challenging periods of their lives.This class teaches how to use tools from transpersonal psychology, tarot, medical intuition, crystal therapies, astrology and dream journaling.  

It is open to all. 

$125 to register 

Fear is in the ebb.

What lineage did you evolve from?  How can you realign your lineage with the heart of the feminine receptive?  What within you is a cosmic mother, stepmother or aunt? The moment we give birth, we have an entire group of feminine ancestors surrounding us.  Regardless if these ancestors bore children or not, they show up to love and support us without hesitation.  In the unification of all human consciousness, there is an exalted place for those who know how to love without personal attachment and beyond the name mother.  In the grandmothers tribal council, no child of the tribe goes unloved. The nuclear family imploded as soon as it was created.  Real love extends beyond birth right or birth order.