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Coming This Summer : 2018 Fertility Mystery School an Online Fertility Coaching Program with Dr Julie Von

Have you been called to work in fertility but still feel unsure about the best way to start? The need for smart, supportive, and educated fertility coaches is greater than ever.  And your experience and wisdom should be passed on to other's who are looking to you for help. Dr. Julie Von will teach in this online series the essentials of how to work with those looking for education on how to get pregnant in the healthiest way possible. This training program is open to all but is especially valuable to those seeking to add a new and dynamic offering to their clients.  Those who already work as doulas, yoga teachers, massage therapist, health coaches, or in other areas of holistic medicine will especially thrive. Personal mentorship with Dr. Von will be included. Email: to learn more and secure your limited spot!

Dr. Von will share her extensive knowledge of the following:

  • Working with energetics and psychological blocks to pregnancy
  • Hormones of fertility and the menstrual cycle  
  • How to accurately chart and track
  • Labs 101
  • Learn how the basal body temperature can identify hormonal imbalance 
  • How to identify when a client needs to be referred to a holistic or reproductive doc 
  • Fertility nutrition and exercise
  • How to publish and grab the attention of local press and influencers
  • Commonly used herbs and supplements for fertility
  • The ethics of working with fertility
  • How to get clients to commit to working with you as well as tips on how to support them in staying consistent with their sessions
  • Guest lectures from some of the leaders in the field of fertility medicine and nutrition.
  • Much More!