I am so happy to share with you the practical magic of Spiritual Fertility. After years of clinical practice, and after witnessing patient after patient compliantly doing everything right both in Western medicine and holistic medicine and yet still not being able to have children, I radically changed the way I practiced medicine. I flipped my own narrative and returned to my roots of energetic and spiritual healing.

The issue at the heart of the fertility problem became clear to me. The freedom that has come from individualization, sexual liberation, and moral and religious freedom has provided us with multiple paths of choice for self-actualization. At the same time, modernity has overstimulated our nervous systems, and our endocrine systems have gone haywire in response. What we have inadvertently developed is a culture of hypervigilance.

I began to ask how I could teach an individual to let go, trust, and relax into the process of conceiving. How could I give even the most cynical of my patients a system of spiritual beliefs that allowed them to release their vigilance and balance their endocrine system? How could I empower people to return to their intuitive wisdom as a powerful tool for healing fertility?

Today, I am sharing with you a powerful tool to help you in both preserving and protecting your fertility. It is custom chosen for you based on the Spiritual Fertility quiz that you completed at DrJulieVon.com.

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Your Tool

Golden Passport Exercise:

The Golden Passport is an extremely useful therapeutic tool for almost any situation that one encounters in life. It has its roots in the ancient energy medicine of qigong, which cultivates an internal warmth and energy that, when called upon, acts as a psychic immune system.

Years ago, to empower one of my patients to enforce boundaries, I printed up a mock passport made of gold paper and handed it to her, explaining that it was the ultimate pass out of any place, conversation, situation, or bad vibe that she came across. The Golden Passport meant she did not have to explain or justify her departure; she could merely exit the situation without a word. It worked like a charm!

I began to give these “passports” to my most energetically empathetic and susceptible clients, always with the caveat that they could just walk away from any trigger that they knew might impact their fertility. Society teaches that it is rude to leave a conversation without reason, but from the vantage point of spiritual fertility, a person’s spiritual and energetic health trumps good manners. In particular, our families, who have the opportunity to love and support us more than anyone, tend to keep a running ledger of what they might call our selfish acts and disrespects. For some of you, the ones whose softer voices tend to be deafened by the louder ones, there is absolutely nothing wrong with simply leaving a toxic situation. The Golden Passport never expires, and you will be able to use it again and again, well past conception, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Consciousness is one of the most critical techniques to bring into the fertility process when you are aware that the trauma in your family negatively affects you. Merely cultivating a daily practice of space and time, such as a walk or meditation in which you allow yourself to acknowledge and hear your internal dialogues without blame, shame, and guilt, can provide a more transparent perspective into who and what in your environment enforces these impulses instead of helping you mitigate the stress.


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