I am so happy to share with you the practical magic of Spiritual Fertility. After years of clinical practice, and after witnessing patient after patient compliantly doing everything right both in Western medicine and holistic medicine and yet still not being able to have children, I radically changed the way I practiced medicine. I flipped my own narrative and returned to my roots of energetic and spiritual healing.

The issue at the heart of the fertility problem became clear to me. The freedom that has come from individualization, sexual liberation, and moral and religious freedom has provided us with multiple paths of choice for self-actualization. At the same time, modernity has overstimulated our nervous systems, and our endocrine systems have gone haywire in response. What we have inadvertently developed is a culture of hypervigilance.

I began to ask how I could teach an individual to let go, trust, and relax into the process of conceiving. How could I give even the most cynical of my patients a system of spiritual beliefs that allowed them to release their vigilance and balance their endocrine system? How could I empower people to return to their intuitive wisdom as a powerful tool for healing fertility?

Today, I am sharing with you a powerful tool to help you in both preserving and protecting your fertility. It is custom chosen for you based on the Spiritual Fertility quiz that you completed at DrJulieVon.com.

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Your Tool

Timeline Work

The timeline exercise that I often use with my patients determines the events in their life that have majorly impacted their health. Starting with the present moment and working backwards, I encourage my patients to record significant life events, both positive and negative. These can include such events as loss of job, the death of a family member, birth, illness, car accidents, etc. It is surprising how many of our major life events can quickly pass by without our acknowledging the significant impact they have on our life’s course.

Trauma can be passed down from the generations that came before us, and while our ancestral line often works to support us, sometimes the trauma we inherit impacts our fertility. This chapter taught you how to identify inherited trauma by investigating the history of your family, as well as the timeline of your own conception, birth, and life. Paying special attention to cyclical events and anniversaries, as well as similarities in major life events such as miscarriage and death, provides a clear window into patterns that have yet to be healed within your family line.


In a timeline graph, I encourage people to place the “positive” life events above the line and the “negative” life events below the line. This is often done to map an entire health history, but it can also be used to unpack a particularity intense or traumatic time of life. Homemade and artistic timelines also can be a powerful healing tool.


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