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All cultures possess a rich history of traditional medicine which is based on remarkably similar principles of balancing and nourishing the body’s natural ability to heal. Eastern Medicine is the most scientifically elaborated and articulated form of traditional medicine in terms of its research documentation. Traditional Chinese Medicine – or TCM – is a modern integration of East-West medicine developed in the People’s Republic. By augmenting this with other traditions of classical medicine from China, Japan, India, and Tibet we now have an even more crucial body of medical practice to draw from. Acupuncture is the oldest systematic form of medicine in the world, developed thousands of years ago and outlined in the ancient “Classic of Internal Medicine.” It treats body and mind through the stimulation of points which access the blood, fluids, nerves, hormones, cells and other anatomical and physiological structures. It is only in recent years that modern biophysics has elaborated a scientific understanding of this ancient practice tracing the meridian energetic processes in the body through the illustration of Einstein’s energy-matter equation and the quantum wave-particle relationship as it unfolds in the human body.

Infertility is a growing problem today and Dr Julie Von, takes a multi-factor approach. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine has proven to be one of the most effective treatments for this condition as it is able to nourish the aspects of deficiency causing this condition for which there is no pharmaceutical or surgical medicine. Ancient and modern methods of chronobiology enable us to reestablish biological and environmental rhythms balancing gynecological and hormonal cycles. In difficult cases relationship counseling and homeopathic constitutional treatments are able to remove unseen blocks to pregnancy. We also maintain a natural obstetric network of midwives, doulas, and birth centers. This integral approach has provided an unmatched success rate.

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