IS Stress Hurting Your Fertility?

When a woman is stressed, her menstrual cycle can get out of whack. The hypothalamus, which is the center of the brain that regulates her endocrine system, can sense anxiety, and when it does, it can shut down and stop doing its job, which can then deregulate some of the hormones that trigger the ovaries to release an egg each month.

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5 Tips to Naturally Increase Fertility, Without Drugs

Fertility doesn’t become important to you until, well, you’re trying to get pregnant. And for many of us, it’s extremely frustrating. You spend your entire life trying to avoid getting pregnant and then when you’re ready to start a family, it doesn’t come so easy. More and more women are having problems with fertility caused by advanced age, reproductive issues, or other health issues. But according to Dr Julie Von, a Manhattan-based holistic doctor specializing in fertility, ".

The Surprising Link Between Spirituality & Fertility

Sometimes the process of deciding to have a child, suffering from loss or infertility, or just preparing for pregnancy creates a feeling of isolation and confusion. It can be challenging to turn the experience into an empowered and healthy one. Using tools that help nourish and build receptive energy such as restorative yoga, meditation, and creativity connect you to the spiritual or unseen aspects of life.

How Your Food Choices Affect Your Hormones

The essential universal advice that holds true to everyone, when it comes to improving hormonal health through digestion and nutrition, is the necessity of cooking at home. Nourishing your body and spirit, requires time and self-care. When you slow down to care for yourself, digestion and hormonal balance improves.

This Manhattan-Based Doctor and Coach Teaches Psychic Fertility

Her “Psychic Fertility” method might sound controversial, but “it’s not as woo woo as it seems,” she promised. Instead, it’s simply a way for people who have been hyper-focused on getting pregnant to relax. Dr. Von urges patients to experience life without focusing full-time on pregnancy. 

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Manhattan Magazine

The Baby Whisperer

"I work as a fertility coach with people all over the world to track their cycles and discuss the blocks they're having," says Von. "I become their advocate because it's dire when you're in it. I am on a crusade to change the way we talk about fertility."

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“It is very important to practice ways to ask for support and help during pregnancy that will extend to the post pregnancy period,” shares Dr. Julie Von, a Manhattan-based holistic doctor specializing in fertility. “Pregnancy is a wonderful time to practice teamwork. For many of us, who are geared toward individual accomplishment ... asking for help can be a huge transition.”

Easy Things You Can Do If You're Thinking About Having Kids

"The intestines and the uterus are literally neighbors and they share a very similar bio cellular make up, which means that sometimes they receive each other’s messages. Clearing inflammation and balancing pH, through diet, ensures that hormones and hormonal receptors make the correct connection."