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In addition to online offerings, Dr. Julie Von is available for in person consolations and sessions in NYC as well as LA. Please email for questions and availability.

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Start Here…Initial Session and Consultation

60 Minutes $350 •Over the phone/online

Not sure why you are here but need support? Grab a spot and let’s figure it out together.

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“Dr. Julie Von is a brave and innovative healer who has isolated the causal relationships between the psychic and the physical realm and their relationship. Fearlessly, she has gone deeply into the great mystery of the creation of life. With her surgical precision, she has created a working system of healing the divine feminine that addresses the roots of our trauma and dysfunction.” -Heather


Get Pregnant

As a society we have advancements in assisted reproductive technologies, we have integrative and holistic medical treatments that balance and preserve fertility and we have the combination of the two.  So why, even with all of this available assistance and expert advice, is fertility so difficult to navigate, painful to endure and completely and totally not talked about in society?  And why, sometimes, does it not work?  

Over the past decade, I have practiced fertility medicine in one of the most challenging environments, New York City.  There is one prevailing question that people ask me again and again.  What else can I do?   With tears in their eyes, broken from cycle after cycle of loss and sadness, again, what else can I do?  And, so, I started asking the same question.  The answer I have found is beyond what a western or eastern medicine doctor can tell you because it is not a material treatment, drug or therapy that can be prescribed.  

But, there is something you can do!  We all have heard the stories of people who had transformative spiritual experiences, gave up trying to get pregnant to travel, adopted a child, fell in love, started meditating, etc and BOOM, everything changed and they became pregnant.  What seems so random and mysterious about this is not random at all.  I have found that the pursuit of what I call the “receptive voice” is a fertility treatment in itself.  And excitingly, it can be taught!   I share these stories and ideas here of REMYSTIFIED fertility and help spread a new model to help change the paradigm.  People’s lives change and they enter into parenthood more conscious, centered and spiritually and physically healthy.  


Why you need a Fertility Advisor…

You are not alone.  Sometimes the process of deciding you want to have a child, suffering from loss or infertility or just trying to prepare for pregnancy creates a feeling of isolation and confusion. There are very few positive voices in society who help turn the process into an empowered and healthy experience.  Every challenge we meet in life has the potential to help break us open and promote evolution.  If you have an experienced advocate next to your side, from the beginning, you can have the most positive and healthy experience possible for yourself, family and child.  And, you can empower future fertility conversation for future daughters, sisters and friends.


90 Day Program

90-Day Spiritual Fertility/Hormonal Health Program $6000 • OVER THE PHONE/ONLINE

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Two Spiritual Fertility Sessions

2 one hour sessions $1000 • OVER THE PHONE/ONLINE

This hour long intuitive and medical reading via phone or Zoom, will answer questions regarding the timing and possible blockages regarding fertility. The session will take a complete history of your fertility and hormonal health and will guide you into a deeper awareness of what may be out of balance and unexplored. Dr Von will make recommendations and advise you on potential pathways that can enhance and promote your fertility and help you become pregnant and balance hormonal irregularity.

Included in this custom designed call:

  • Spirit connections and karmic contracts

  • How transgenerational trauma might be playing a role in your fertility

  • How to clear psychological blocks in the body

  • Support and advisement about holistic and medical treatments

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Medical Intuitive Mapping & Assessment For Everyone


The core of every symptom is a limiting belief. This is one of the main principles I teach.

The terrible asthma I experienced in my childhood and adolescence put me on my path as an energy healer and intuitive doctor. Into college, I was still suffering from weak respiratory function and asthma, and a dear friend suggested I go to his traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctor. I was intrigued. This was a few decades ago, and acupuncture and Chinese medicine were nowhere near as well known then as they are today. I booked an appointment and showed up ten minutes late for a meeting that would change my life. I explained to her my history and everything I had done to treat my illness from a Western medicine standpoint, such as allergy shots, home nebulizers, and preventative steroid treatments. She listened and kindly nodded as I spoke. 

“I’m not sure how you can help,” I said at the end of my skeptical spiel.
She paused, took a deep breath, reached out, and warmly touched my hand before saying,
“Julie, do you believe that you can heal your asthma?” 
“No, I don’t,”
I replied with tears streaming down my face. 
“But I want to.”

“Then I can help you,” she said. 

I healed asthma by age 26. The symptom of asthma lead me to my path.

We can eat a spot on diet, live with non-toxic products, exercise and meditate BUT unless we dig deeper to change the core ideology of what we believe possible, we are simply scratching the surface.

The first question I ask in my Medical Intuitive Mapping Sessions is the one closest to my heart, 
"Do you believe you can heal?

This intuitive medical healing via phone or Zoom will answer questions regarding the core of what is taking place in your mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Von will utilize her world-renowned expertise and experience to assist you in healing blocks, lingering beliefs, and energetic drains. Each healing also includes a custom assessment, created by Dr. Von, with actionable steps that you can take to heal.

Your customized assessment will include a recording of our session together in addition to clear and direct exercises that you can start immediately. Your body, mind, and spirit are the map of the journeys made by those who came before you as well as the experiences you have navigated in this lifetime. Dr. Von is a cosmic map reader. Regardless of how experienced a traveler you are, we all have to stop and ask for directions from time to time. Sometimes the change in navigation is tiny (you might be deficient of B vitamins in your body). Sometimes the correction to your course is much larger, and you are seeking significant life changes that your body, mind, and spirit are already signaling. These single sessions are life-changing.

Loss of love, divorce, illness, catastrophe, being fired or laid off from a job you never liked, often occur when it is time to reset our direction in life. These emergences are key to the most important healing of our lifetimes.

“I am on your side and I know you can heal...” Dr. Julie Von

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