Client Testimonials

Jennifer M.

I have been seeing Julie for the past several months and feel thankful to have finally found such a thoughtful and talented healer.  My previous experiences with acupuncture have not been great and as a trained physician I have high standards.  In the past, I never thought acupuncture actually 'did' anything and have not been impressed by the caliber of other providers.  I think you need a great person taking care of you to see positive results.  Hopefully, this review helps someone out there find the help they need.

Julie takes her time getting to know you, your past experiences and health problems. She is open and friendly, but also highly professional. She also has a special ability to sense things you do not tell her such as digestive upset, musculoskeletal pain or psychological distress.  I was surprised by how quickly she guessed many of the things I have been struggling with before I even told her.  With procedures, she takes a slow gentle approach to make you feel comfortable, but also seems to get results.  I have suffered with autoimmune disease, infertility, digestive problems (and related medication side effects) and have started to notice a decrease in my symptoms already.  


Gina P.

I would recommend Julie to anyone - she is incredibly skilled, 100% effective, and a sea of calm in a city that is not.

This was my first experience with acupuncture, and I went to Julie when I wanted to get pregnant at 40. She immediately put me at ease, and proceeded to ask me about my life, history, diet, etc - She really considered everything about me before she started treatment, and thought about my overall health more than any Dr. ever has. She gave me advice on my diet, and prescribed herbs. I looked forward to every appointment, my general health and energy definitely improved - and boy did I sleep well. To add icing to the cake, I was pregnant within 2 months of seeing Julie. I continued to see her every week throughout my pregnancy, and with every appointment she made adjustments to address whatever was going on with me that week.


Beth B.

I've been to a number of acupuncturists over the years, and Julie's skills tower over others.  She is intuitive, gifted and definitely the best trained acupuncturist I've known.  She has a healing, comforting energy that's backed by rigorous schooling and solid knowledge.  

I've been seeing Julie for hormonal issues, and her treatments have given me relief and progress when nothing else could.  My only regret is that I did not start seeing her sooner!

This being my first pregnancy, I don't have anything to compare it to - but, it seemed like a dream pregnancy, symptom and energy wise. I only slowed down and felt really burdened in the last couple of weeks.


My reading with Julie was amazing - it was super detailed and felt expansive. She also touched upon different areas of my life as well as the infertility stuff. She even used words that I had expressed in my journal which are not part of my everyday language. I was also given tools and guidance to further help my own self development and my own health. She is a beacon of light and I would strongly and gently recommend receiving a reading from her. 

Student Testimonials

"The concepts presented in Dr. Von's Foundations in Fertility Class were clear, cohesive and well organized. In many ways, the content offered was the missing link or the bridge that I needed in order to connect the sometimes overwhelming facets of western fertility medicine with the elegance of Chinese Medicine. Dr. Von's class gave me a renewed sense of confidence in treating not just my fertility patients but all of my gynecological cases. Dr. Von's authentic style of presenting fertility treatment through her impressive clinical experience not only clarified some long-standing questions I had, but also provided a great deal of inspiration in my spiritual philosophy in patient-practitioner dynamics. I highly recommend this course to any level of practitioner as there are many gems in it to