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Work With Dr. Julie Von


Get Pregnant
90-Day Program Fertility/Hormonal Health

The 90 Day Spiritual Fertility program helps women to help improve vitality, balance the body, and support pregnancy and/or integral hormonal health. 

Spiritual Fertility Sessions
Two 60-Minute sessions Online/Phone

These 2, hour-long intuitive and medical readings are conducted via phone or Zoom and will answer questions regarding the timing and possible blockages regarding fertility.

Medical Intuitive Mapping & Assessment For Everyone

120- minute session online/phone

This medical intuitive healing via phone or Zoom will answer questions regarding the core of what is taking place in your mind, body and spirit. Dr. Von will utilize her world renowned expertise and experience to assist you in healing blocks, lingering beliefs and energetic drains. Each healing also includes a custom report, created by Dr. Von, with actionable steps that you can take to heal. These sessions are life changing.


Get Pregnant

 You are not alone.  Sometimes the process of deciding you want to have a child, suffering from loss or infertility or just trying to prepare for pregnancy creates a feeling of isolation and confusion. There are very few positive voices in society who help turn the process into an empowered and healthy experience.  Every challenge we meet in life has the potential to help break us open and promote evolution.  If you have an experienced advocate next to your side, from the beginning, you can have the most positive and healthy experience possible for yourself, family and child.  And, you can empower future fertility conversation for future daughters, sisters and friends.


It Works

When I meet women who are struggling with fertility, I rush to tell them that I know a wise woman. She will soothe your body and bathe your wracked soul with compassion, insight and humor. There is a spark of magic in what she does. She helped me through the most trying times I’ve ever faced—two years of infertility, many rounds of frozen embryo transplants, labor struggles, and ultimately the birth of two daughters. She changed the course of my life. I still think about her advice. But, I say, don’t go to see her if you are not really ready to get pregnant!

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Weekly Live Q&A with Dr Von

Each week Dr Von hosts a live Facebook session where she answers your questions.