Dr. Julie Von is a brave and innovative healer who has isolated the causal relationships between the psychic and the physical realm and their relationship to fertility. Fearlessly, she has gone deeply into the great mystery of the creation of life. With her surgical precision, she has created a working system of healing the divine feminine that addresses the roots of our trauma and dysfunction. Rather than merely relying on drugs and physical interventions which only mask what lays beneath, Dr. Von takes clients on a journey of discovery and lasting radiant health. I am so grateful for our work together.
— Heather Kim, DO Pediatrician and Director of Intuitive Pediatrics

When I meet women who are struggling with fertility, I rush to tell them that I know a wise woman. She will soothe your body and bathe your wracked soul with compassion, insight and humor. There is a spark of magic in what she does. She helped me through the most trying times I’ve ever faced—two years of infertility, many rounds of frozen embryo transplants, labor struggles, and ultimately the birth of two daughters. She changed the course of my life. I still think about her advice. But, I say, don’t go to see her if you are not really ready to get pregnant!
— Anya Kamenetz, NPR correspondent and author, The Art of Screen Time

Julie Von is, hands down and without exception, the best health care practitioner by whom I have ever been treated. From the impressively detailed initial history she took at my first visit, to the minor treatment tweaks and adjustments she has made along the way, Julie is attentive, thoughtful, and inspired. She is calm and therefore calming, slow in just right the way, and completely present during every visit. As a midwife and fertility practitioner myself, I refer all of my clients to see her! I am honored and oh so lucky to be both a patient and a colleague.
— Gina Eichenbaum-Pikser, LM, CNM Owner Community Midwifery Care

I always felt safe with Julie. She’s a midwife for your own emotional autonomy. Her unwavering stand for your physical body being held as sacred, will inspire new forms of self-esteem. She teaches you how to make self-care a daily staple rather than a luxury. Julie puts you in contact with your future successful selves, so you clearly discern which actions serve your desired outcomes and which do not. She’s an alchemist, baby-shaman & inter-dimensional healer of the highest order. It’s a privilege to have her intelligence and imagination guiding you towards your highest-self and highest health.
— Annie Lalla Relationship & Love Coach

Dr Julie Von is able to treat a wide range of health issues like depression, anxiety, infertility, and injuries throughout the body. Not only is the therapy itself relaxing but it could be the answer to whatever ailment you are facing AKA a happier you.
— Hannah Brofman, Founder HBFIT

It is impossible to fully convey Julie’s positive influence, not only on my journey to motherhood, but on my overall well-being. I was skeptical of acupuncture, but meeting Julie immediately alleviated my doubts. She took the time to review my history and lifestyle. As someone who seeks control, Julie gently eased me into the process, even staying in the room during my second appointment to get a sense of how my body was responding to treatment. Although I sought out Julie for fertility challenges, as a psychologist, I was truly in awe of the effects on my mental health. While the acupuncture was transformative, immediately quelling anxiety, being able to speak with Julie is so special. She is one of a kind. The support she provided remained with me as I tried to conceive, through miscarriage, throughout my current pregnancy, and as I envision life as a first time mom. Although struggling to get pregnant was riddled with major lows and fears, Julie remained a bright spot in the experience and certainly boosted my ability to grow from the trying moments. I cannot thank and recommend her enough!
— Alexa Weinberg, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist

Dr Julie Von was instrumental in the process of preparing my body for conception, pregnancy and birth. Never before have I experienced such depth and presence from an acupuncturist. The generous nature of her spirit and the time she took to help me was unprecedented. She has the ability to read the body in a deep and profound way, that in turn helped facilitate the miracle of our daughters birth.
— Lucia Horan, 5Rhythms Teacher

I adore Dr. Von. I have been seeing her for the past 10 years and she has been a consistent peaceful force in my life. The personal attention she gives you makes you feel as though you are her only patient, and her soothing presence helps you leave the world outside during your sessions. Dr. Von is especially skilled in aiding with your monthly cycle. As someone who suffers from terrible cramps, I cannot extol the benefits and relief I have experienced from our regular sessions enough. In the hectic craziness of life in the city, sessions with Dr. Von feel like hitting the restart button on the computer of the brain. I leave refreshed and rebooted each time.
— Lisa Bass, filmmaker and marketing manager at Magnolia Pictures

Dr Julie Von was a calm within my storm of confusion and grief around being infertile. She brought the light of clarity and grace to each session we had. I always left feeling more grounded, centered, at ease and the energy of proaction towards my own health and well being. When ever I hear of a sister who is in need of support, I send them to Dr. Von.
— Amber Ryan, 5 Rythums master teacher

More than a decade has passed since Dr. Julie Von came into my life and she has been, in every way, a remarkable gift. When I first went to see her, I was worn out––not sick exactly but not well either, and profoundly wary of the pharmaceutical “cures” that had been prescribed to me. I was in my late thirties at the time and had spent my fair share of hours in the offices of health care professionals, but everything I experienced during my initial visit with Julie was a welcome surprise: the unhurried, wide-ranging questions she asked; the attentive listening she did; the meaningful insights she offered in return. There was compassion in her manner and a genuine concern, all of it backed up by an obviously extensive knowledge and expertise. I trusted her immediately and implicitly. And in time, she completely redefined health and healing for me––replacing the one-size-fits-all mentality of Western medicine for an approach at once more individualized and more intuitive; the quick fix for a steady, unwavering quest for balance. I still see her regularly, and am well––feel well––in no small way because of her ongoing care and guidance. All of which is to say: Julie is not merely a skilled healer; she is a conduit to (self-) transformation. I simply cannot recommend her more highly.
— Michelle Ferrari, Documentary Filmmaker