In Person (NYC)

Stress is a growing problem today and Dr Julie Von, takes an integral approach to the treatment of its effects on the individual.

Acupuncture is one of the most effective treatments for the impacts of modern life on our nervous systems and spirits.  Dr Von incorporates many modalities into your treatment and custom formulates both crystal and essential oil therapies for you. The treatments are powerful yet subtle and relaxing. 

Nothing about your body, sexuality, and fertility needs to cause you fear. Dr Von is here to help support you in deciphering your intuition, gut feelings, dreams, and desires from the rest of the pervasive data so eagerly provided by so called experts and well-intentioned friends and family.



Dr Von has designed a unique and customized session to empower and connect you with your fertility. and hormonal health. 


Online Forum and Classes

Dr Von teaches an ongoing series of educational classes designed for all practitioners who seek a deeper understanding of integrative gynecology and obstetrics in practice.

Past classes cover such issues as how to track and use the Basal Body Temperature to diagnose yin deficiency, yang deficiency, blood deficiency, kidney deficiency and liver qi Stagnation. 

How to precisely pin point issues of imbalance in the menstrual cycle. How to formulate targeted treatment plans based on the individual cycle using acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Psycho/spiritual support.  How to speak, support and listen to someone going through fertility treatment.  Ill teach you practical exercises that I use to help people navigate stress and sadness.  The importance of addressing the energetic is often over looked in fertility (even amongst holistic practitioners) but is key to successfully treating infertility.


Psychic Fertility Consulting

This hour long intuitive and medical reading via phone or Zoom, will answer questions regarding the timing and possible blockages regarding fertility. The session will take a complete history of your fertility and hormonal health and will guide you into a deeper awareness of what may be out of balance and unexplored. Dr Von will make recommendations and advise you on potential pathways that can enhance and promote your fertility and help you become pregnant and balance hormonal irregularity

Included in this custom designed call:

  • Spirit connections and karmic contracts
  • How transgenerational trauma might be playing a role in your fertility
  • How to clear psychological blocks in the body
  • Support and advisement about holistic and medical treatments 
  • Psychic Fertility Oracle card reading