Suzanna's Remystified Fertility Story

Suzanna came to see me after a previous miscarriage.  She was 39 and she was encouraged to try to become pregnant again.  She was resistant to the idea, however, because she was afraid that she would have another miscarriage.  We started working together to support her foundational health and to bring her body and hormones back into balance with the intention of making her health, rather than the “goal’ of another pregnancy, our priority.  Suzanna started to use the BBT chart to gain a better idea of her overall hormonal balance and to understand why her cycle was inconsistent and why she suffered from PMS after the miscarriage.

Suzanna's  follicular phase temperatures would change dramatically with the travel that she did for work.  They would go up and down within a full point on both sides of her travel days and if the travel day occurred around mid cycle, the characteristic increase in temperature that signified ovulation would be delayed by one to two days.  She also learned that her luteal temperatures were consistently low.  The temperatures would increase for a day or two after ovulation but would then fall and stay low until the first day of her next cycle.  After tracking her cycle for one entire month, she was advised to have a complete thyroid panel taken due to the overall low basal temperature in her luteal phase and the chronic constipation and depression she had reported.  The blood panel came back reporting a borderline hypothyroidism.  Suzanna decided to use holistic methods first before starting prescription medication.  She began taking two separate Chinese herbal formulas and received acupuncture bi weekly.  She also scaled back on travel for work and began to sleep longer hours.  After 3 cycles of recording her BBT the inconsistencies had cleared up and her follicular temperature was even and strong.  The luteal temperatures clearly increased at ovulation and stayed elevated until Day 1 of her next cycle. She felt less stressed overall and experienced a spike in her sex drive and her mental clarity.  She continued on herbs for another three months until she became pregnant again at which point she decided to have her thyroid levels rechecked and they were within the normal range. She remained healthy throughout the pregnancy as well as the post partum period.  


Julie Von