The Gut/Fertility Connection


The digestive system is the easiest system in our body to communicate with.  Everyday we speak to it directly and no matter how body conscious you are, the digestive system speaks back.  Lets face it, food on this planet is no where as good as it once was.  The soil and water has been over used and little is done with respect.  I was recently in Costa Rica and the water in the remote mountain town was so pure that I literally felt the difference on a cellular level.  So, how does digestion relate to fertility? The intestines and the uterus are literally neighbors and they share a very similar bio cellular make up which means that sometimes they receive each others "mail." The digestive system has a super hard job of circulating and disposing of waste every hour of every day.  The reproductive system also has an intense job of staying on cycle and regular every month despite stress, exhaustion and illness.  I put people on customized nutritional plans, supplements and herbs and I ALWAYS start with the digestive system.  It is the fastest way to effect the reproductive system.  Pulling out inflammation, balancing PH and soothing anxiety and stress makes a huge impact on the entire reproductive system.  And, another major thing happens, when you heal the gut- You start to listen to it!  

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Education, Self CareJulie Von